Virtual Recording - Choosing audio tracks

Good sound begins with the recording

Virtuelles Recording mit Audiocation

The world premier in audio training:

Virtual Recording was developed by sound experts and gives Audiocation students the opportunity to deliberately choose audio tracks and signals and to make sound decisions prior to the mixing process.

How does it work?

We developed Virtual Recording in extensive recording sessions at our affiliated studios. We recorded musicians and their instruments with different microphone setups to get recordings of different sound colorations of each individual take.

Develop your own sound visions and train your sense of hearing:

With the online mixing console, you can select individual tracks and make sound decisions to train yourself in hearing the essential sound differences. This is an intensive and systematic training of the most important tool of audio engineers and music producers – their sense of hearing.

Virtual Recording is an exclusive part of the course Audio Engineer Professional.


Note: Moving the mouse pointer over the orange bullets will display the individual functions.

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