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Helge Beckmann - Academy Director and CEO

Helge Beckmann    

Audio Engineer, Academy Director and CEO
(Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music and Media / VDT / VDM / VDJ)

Helge is a passionate audio engineer and guitarist. He attended the University of Paderborn, the University of Music in Detmold - one of the leading institutions for professional music education in Europe - and the Tonmeisterinstitut (recording & balancing engineering institute) in Detmold.

He has a degree in Popular Music and Media. Helge developed and founded the first distance-learning school for home recording and, with Audiocation, he and his team now offer this innovative web-based form of audio training. Helge has also been working as a live/studio engineer for over 14 years and in recent years has worked with national and international artists and hosted events and musicals. For more than 5 years, he worked as the Head of Audio Engineering at the city theatre in Lippstadt.

He is co-developer of various software-VST-plug-ins and the groundbreaking Virtual Recording. In addition, he worked as editor-in-chief of the music and audio engineering magazine »Music & PC«

Helge is the lecturer for the courses Audio Engineer Professional and Audio Engineer Basic.

Ulf Weidmann Gold Award Producer and Lecturer at Audiocation

Ulf Weidmann   

Musical director, producer and composer
(Berklee College of Music, Boston/USA, Diploma: Magna Cum Laude)

• 2 Gold Awards in 2005
• 2 Grimme Award Nominations for TV productions
• 1 award for a TV documentation

Ulf Weidmann works as a musical director, producer and composer for artists like five-time Grammy Award-winner and Oscar-winner Christopher Cross (Ride Like The Wind), Percy Sledge (When a Man Loves a Woman), Dan McCafferty (lead singer of Nazareth), Paula Cole, John Miles jun., Rüdiger Baldauf (German TV-show »TV Total«), German singer Michelle as well as for clients from television, marketing and the film industry (Walt Disney).

Ulf is the lecturer for the Songwriting/Producing course.

Frank Zumbroich - Musikproduzent EMI und Dozent bei Audiocation

Frank Zumbroich   

Songwriter, drummer and producer (EMI)

• German Rock and Pop Award (Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis), Producer for NulldB 2008

Songwriter and producer, for acts such as Sascha Lien (Galileo in the Queen musical in Stuttgart), Benny Martell (finalist in DSDS - German version of »Pop Idol«), Corinna May (Grand Prix), Yoomiii (TV program »Startagebuch« on channel RTL2), Frank is also a studio and session drummer for Crack Jaw, Skin Deep and Number Nine.

Since 2000, he has been an exclusive author at »Edition Supernatural - EMI Music Publishing«.

Frank is the lecturer for the Real Drum Programming course.

Matthias Steinwachs - Dozent bei Audiocation

Matthias Steinwachs   

Sound designer, composer and author

Matthias Steinwachs has been working in radio for more than 20 years. A reporter, author, editorial assistant and producer, he works for the radio stations Radio4You (SFB’s former youth radio station), SFB 2, Inforadio Berlin, Radio Eins Live (WDR), WDR 2, WDR 5, SWR DasDing, SWR 3, HR YouFM (formerly HR XXL), MDR Sputnik and MDR Jump, and others.

After composing his first soundtrack for a video game in 1990, he later worked at the legendary developer studio Thalion, where he composed the music for classics like Ambermoon and Lionheart. He also worked for companies like Psygnosis, Blue Byte, Ikarion, Funatics and Ascaron and was involved in approx. 60 projects as composer and sound designer, the latest one being Sacred 2. In addition, he produced music for short films and advertisement trailers.

Matthias is the lecturer for the courses Radio Journalist and Game Sound Design.

Goran Tschubrilo - Kurs Soundtrack Composer - Dozent bei Audiocation

Goran Tschubrilo   

Producer and composer
(University of Music and Performing Arts Graz/Austria: Magister artium Composition)

Made-to-order works for the opera orchestra KlangImPuls Graz, Festival für Neue Musik Hörfest Graz, Varazdin string quartet etc. Intense engagement in the subject classical/romantic and modern orchestra music, for example the use of instrumentation and orchestration technology in film music.

Goran is the lecturer for the course Soundtrack Composer.

Jan Kretschmer - Steinberg Certified Trainer - Cubase Dozent bei Audiocation

Jan Kretschmer   

Producer, guitarist, drummer, audio engineer
(Audio Engineer SAE)

Jan worked as a service engineer for the company Steinberg Media Technologies for several years and therefore knows Cubase and everything Cubase-related like the back of his hand.
He composed and produced music for films that were shown e.g. at the Berlin Film Festival »Berlinale«, on TV and at the Goethe Institute of Washington D.C.

Jan is the lecturer for the Cubase course.

Manuel Schlindwein - Audio Engineer - Audiocation

Manuel Schlindwein   

Audio engineer, drum teacher and lecturer
(Audio Engineer SAE, Drummer, VDM)

Manuel Schlindwein, convinced analog-advocate, works as an audio engineer at the Supowstudios (Patrice, Curse, Ayo) in Cologne and as an assistant engineer at Russ Elevado (The Roots, Alicia Keys, Erika Badhu, Nikka Costa uva.). He also works at the recording studio Cöllephonia. He started his music career as four-time winner of the German music competition »Jugend musiziert« and gained first experiences in professional studio work at the Kangaroo Studios of legendary producer Edo Zanki. In his spare time, he develops and makes audio hardware.

Manuel is the lecturer for the course Audio Engineer.

Denis Grundler - Dozent bei Audiocation

Denis Grundler   

Audio Engineer and producer
(Audio Engineer SAE)

Denis Grundler trained as an audio engineer at the SAE Institute in Frankfurt. After having worked as a sound engineer at Sony BMG in Berlin for four years, he worked at various recording studios in Germany and was a lecturer at the first distance-learning school for home recording. Today, Denis works as a lecturer at Audiocation, specializing in electronic sound generation. Denis teaches the course

Denis is the lecturer for the course Audio Engineer.

Olaf Beckmann - Technical Director und Geschäftsführer bei Audiocation

Olaf Beckmann

Technical Director & CEO
(Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)

As software architect and developer, Olaf is responsible for the conceptual design and the realization of web projects, process optimization, 3D user interfaces and databases.

In addition, he is an online tutor for information technology at the Distance Learning University of Hamburg (EURO-FH Hamburg).