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VSL in theory and practice

Online Course - VSL Vienna Symphonic Library

Start date Please let me know as soon as the course is available in English.
Course duration 4 months, web-based course
Time required approx. 10 - 15 hours per month
Certified Graduation Audiocation VSL Certification
Course fee 149 Euro incl. VAT per month


Goran Tschubrilo - Online Course Soundtrack Composer - Lecturer Audiocation

Goran Tschubrilo   

Producer and composer
(University of Music and Performing Arts Graz/Austria: Magister artium Composition)

Made-to-order works for the opera orchestra KlangImPuls Graz, Festival für Neue Musik Hörfest Graz, Varazdin string quartet etc. Intense engagement in the subject classical/romantic and modern orchestra music, for example the use of instrumentation and orchestration technology in film music.




Online Course - VSL Vienna Symphonic Library with Goran Tschubrilo

Course overview This course covers the basics of professional work with the Vienna Symphonic Library and its Sample Player, Vienna Instruments.

After successfully completing the course, graduates will be able to use the VSL to arrange instrumental parties that are convincing in terms of music and sound.

To achieve this, the course covers the basics of technical production work with the Vienna Suite, as well as the creation of an acoustic room with a good sound quality using the Vienna Convolution Reverb.

Course content • The first month covers the Vienna Instruments Sample Player. We will introduce the various functions of the VSL sample player, and explain them in combination with the use of patches, matrices and controllers, keeping in mind musical requirements and aspects of technical production. There will be examples and tasks for an easier understanding of the player. In addition, the library structure of the VSL Special Edition will be explained.

• The second month covers the programming of the string instruments’ MIDI tracks using the MIDI controller – the core technology of creating musically convincing instrumental parties using VSL. This module also provides comprehensive sound samples and instructions for practical tasks.

• The third month covers the editing of MIDI tracks for woodwind and brass instruments. There will also be sound samples and tasks for a better understanding of the topic.

• The fourth month deals with aspects of production technology when working with VSL. You will work intensely with the Vienna Suite, a collection of audio processors specifically developed for the work with VSL. There will be tasks and exercises to get an even deeper understanding of the course content.
Prerequisites • Good note reading skills
• Knowledge of elementary music theory (knowledge of keys and the basics of harmonics are sufficient)
Suitable for Prospective composers and arrangers in the fields of film, TV, games, marketing and all multimedia sections (e.g. presentations). Also for musicians who arrange music for various ensembles (e.g. school orchestras).
Hardware requirements Computer (PC/MAC) with internet access, speakers, audio software
Software requirements I. VSL-Format Sequencer (VST, AU or RTAS)
II. VSL Special Edition Standard
Career Options Soundtrack Composer, Composer, Arranger