Broadcasting / Radio Journalist

Successful radio broadcasting in theory & practice

Broadcasting - Radio Journalist - Successful radio broadcasting in theory & practice with Matthias Steinwachs

Start date Please let me know as soon as the course is available in English.
Course duration 6 months, web-based course
Time required approx. 10 - 15 hours per month
Certified Graduation Radio Journalist Certification
Course fee 149 Euro incl. VAT per month


Matthias Steinwachs - Lecturer Audiocation

Matthias Steinwachs   

Sound designer, composer and author

Matthias Steinwachs has been working in radio for more than 20 years. A reporter, author, editorial assistant and producer, he works for the radio stations Radio4You (SFB’s former youth radio station), SFB 2, Inforadio Berlin, Radio Eins Live (WDR), WDR 2, WDR 5, SWR DasDing, SWR 3, HR YouFM (formerly HR XXL), MDR Sputnik and MDR Jump, and others.




Broadcasting - Radio Journalist - Successful radio broadcasting in theory & practice with Matthias Steinwachs

Course overview Using radio files as well as specially designed training material, Matthias Steinwachs provides students with essential tools and skills for successful home and made-to-order productions. 
Course content • Introduction
• Different jobs in radio
• Technical equipment - hardware
• Technical equipment - software
• How do I get a job in radio?
• Radio landscape
• Production possibilities
• Production process
• Who does what at a radio station? Contacts and positions
• Different radio reports and programs
• Handling original sounds
• Writing for the radio
• Speaking on the radio
• Manuscripts
• Interviews
• Talking with colleagues in the studio
• Hosting
• Sports coverage on the radio
• Broadcasting processes
• Surveys
• On-site comments
• Report modules
• News
• Broadcasting formats and styles
• Music on the radio
• Broadcasting jargon
• Your own internet radio
• Cutting and editing of radio reports and contributions
• On air - live from the studio
• How do my contributions reach a radio station?
Prerequisites Experience in working with audio software
Suitable for Radio journalists, trainiees, moderators, narrators, web radio operators, journalism students (hobby, semi-professional & professional) who want to learn radio journalism on a professional level.
Hardware requirements Computer (PC/MAC) with internet access, speakers, audio software
Software requirements

Software like Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Apple Logic, Cakewalk Sonar, Digidesign Pro Tools, Ableton Live, MOTU Digital Performer, Magix Samplitude, Sony Acid.

• Audio editor like Audacity, Wavelab or Soundforge
Educational Software If you still need to purchase audio software, as a student of Audiocation you can benefit from a reduction of up to 50% on various sound software products. Further information can be found under software.
Career Options Radio Journalist, Narrator, Moderator